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does our generation have a really outstanding “teen movie” like ferris bueller

or do we just have four shreks and a norbit

  1. wishingforawonderland said: Mean Girls
  2. quellenight said: Superbad.
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  4. astreetcarnameddessert said: i mean it’s probably mean girls.
  5. copiloting said: there’s like… 10 Things I Hate About You from the v late 90s. also Easy A was pretty good?
  6. she-is-glue said: donnie darko? juno? Napoleon dynamite?
  7. painsofbeingperf said: i think superbad and the like are “our generation’s” teen movie
  8. agentt3xas said: Easy A, maybe? It’s the only high school movie I’ve seen from this generation and actually enjoyed, but I don’t think it really deserves the title of this generations teen movie.
  9. theofficialgordonramsay said: It’s probably gonna take awhile before we know if we did. I’m sure Ferris Bueller was really popular when it first came out, but I don’t think it was regarded a that generation’s teen movie for a decade at least.
  10. founded-in-drowning said: I’d have to agree with the person who said Mean Girls. Not bad, but nothing close to Ferris
  11. itsvondell said: an extremely goofy movie
  12. synopsize said: I don’t think we do—FINDING NEMO! If you say that’s just a kids movie, I will shoot you in the heart (hypothetically)
  13. catgirlellie said: 10 things I hate about you, easy a, and superbad are examples, though your taste may vary.
  14. ludicrous--display said: well i mean we’re here in the now looking back and noting all the great teen movies. it’s probably going to take another decade or so for us to look back and say for sure what the teen movies were for our generation
  15. heyfucknuts said: 17 again is only slightly cringe-worthy
  16. lasernaps said: high school musical
  17. mulfordthedean said: We don’t have shit.
  18. secretlysquirrel said: Dude. John Hughes is dead.
  19. knitgrimshaw said: max keeble’s big move
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